Mr Bond Cleaning focuses primarily on end of lease house cleaning and carpet cleaning for rental property tenants to get their bond returned. End of lease house cleaning is a special type of clean that requires a lot more attention to detail compared to regular domestic house cleaning. Move out cleaning or exit cleaning as it is often refereed to, entails cleaning every single room including inside cupboards and drawers.

For the real estate manager to show potential new tenants through the home it has to be sparkling clean, anything less would turn people away and make it a more difficult for the agent to let out.

Move Out Cleaning is our specialty service and we over the years we have really set the standard for bond return cleaning in Australia. When our customers go out searching to find a cleaner to help them and finally come  back to us with their cleaning quotes , we instantly try to match or better the price for the same cleaning service.

What we find in a lot of cases is that the cleaners they are coming across have no background experience in this bond back cleaning. In recent years we have seen tons of regular domestic cleaners put their hand up and tell people they also do end of lease house cleaning.

The problem is that there is a huge difference in the cleaning requirement of bond cleaning and domestic home cleaning, and often the cleaners and customers don’t know it.

When getting cleaning quotes we strongly recommend that you ask for a cleaning checklist so that you can be sure that what you are expecting is what you are going to get. When we provide bond cleaning quotes we always send out a list of the things we will and won’t do as part of the clean. This way our clients and customers know exactly what they are getting for their money and it helps stop any conflict or confusion.