As more people turn to renting a property over home ownership the flow on effect to certain industries becomes very evident. The cleaning industry in Australia is becoming flooded with service providers wanting to cash in on the rental bond cleaning boom. For the average domestic cleaner who earns $20-$25 per hour doing domestic house cleaning by switching their focus on end of lease cleaning they are now able to earn $50+ per hour.

The problem is that when renters moving out of their properties start getting end of lease cleaning quotes, they end up getting mixed messages as to what is actually involved in an end of lease bond return clean. The same has happened  for those looking for building inspection quotes before buying a new home,  and in the furniture removal industry when planning a relocation from one home to another.

Because the internet is accessible to everyone the flow on effect has meant that more business owners put up websites offering the same service, and use price cutting as their unique selling proposition, which in turn forces the quality of work provided down. As a consumers we go online and in most cases assume that all services are pretty much the same, and then price becomes the driving force behind our decision making.

When it comes to bond return cleaning price and service are totally related and need to be carefully considered. It’s important to ask the right questions so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. There are cleaning services that offer partial bond cleans whilst others only provide the complete house cleaning service including the carpet steam cleaning and often the pest control too.

Making sure a house, until or apartment is clean and ready for the new tenants to move in is the primary goal for property managers and landlords. All they want to know is that the property is ready to show tenants through or to allows a new tenants to move into the property. As long as the place is clean and tidy and looks and smells fresh then there are generally no issues. The problems only arise when the standard of cleaning is no conducted to their expectations.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that this is not always the fault of the cleaner. In a lot of cases because the consumer is deciding on price they indadvertedly choose a lower quality service. Most domestic house cleaning Melbourne based companies do not understand what is actually involved in a proper bond clean. They are used to cleaning surface dirt and dust and maintaining a home rather than scrubbing floors by hand, getting on the knees and washing down walls or providing an in-depth attention to detail cleaning service.

When searching online for bond cleaning quotes it’s imperative that you find out what each cleaners offers as part of their end of lease cleaning service. Not all cleaners offer the same things and it’s important if you want to get your bond back that the expectations of the real estate property managers, landlords and yours, are met.

At the end of the day, If you as a renter have not looked after the property throughout your tenancy then you cannot expect miracles from the end of lease cleaner. If you have not regularly cleaned the house, washed down walls, wiped down skirting boards, cleaned the oven then you cannot expect a 4-8 hour clean to bring your place back to a “as new” condition. To ensure you get your bond back it’s a good idea if you hire an professional bond cleaning company that understands what is required by the property manager to issue your bond back. Most vacate cleaning companies will offer a bond back guarantee to entice you to choose them over someone else. Remember that the only person that can hand you back your bond deposit is the property manager, not the end of lease cleaner.


  1. Always get several bond cleaning quotes before hiring a cleaning service as price and service really do vary between each cleaning company.
  2. Ask each cleaner what is involved in their end of lease cleaning service and compare these inclusions before making your hiring decision.
  3. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to inspect the property yourself before handing back your keys to the property manager so that you can do final touch ups should you think it be required.