It is amazing how many rental property tenants think they can pull one over their property manager or landlord. Our bond cleaning Melbourne teams always report back to the office on the condition a home was in when they arrived, and often they will take before photos using their smart phones. Tenants think that by being dishonest about how many bathrooms or bedrooms the property has, they can save some money on the end of lease clean. Most of Mr Bond Cleaning cleaners will call the office as soon as there is a discrepancy with the actual number of rooms and bathrooms in the house compared to what is outlined on the booking sheet. The fact is that there are certain people that always try and take advantage of someone else or a situation. For the record, bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is not easy. Think about it for a while. The whole house has to be cleaned from top to bottom so that new tenants can move in without having to do too much cleaning. And apart from the fact it is polite to leave a place clean, why isn’t the house clean in the first place. Just because you are renting does not mean it is a license to live like a pig. Dusting skirting boards and washing dirty walls isn’t just a job for home owners you know! Our bond cleaning teams are always confronted with dirty smelly homes that look like they have not been cleaned in years, and in most cases they actually haven’t. But when it comes time to handing the keys back and passing the final property inspection, that’s when the renter starts to take the house cleaning a little more seriously. Too late! If you don’t maintain a property with regular home cleaning then you better expect to pay a decent sum to have your place cleaned at the end of your lease. One last thing, make sure the removalists have finished before letting your bond cleaners in to do their job.

5 Tips to Keeping Your Place Clean on Regular Basis

  1. Hire the services of a professional cleaning company
  2. Get of your bottom twice a week and do some house cleaning
  3. Ask your mum to come over to clean your home
  4. Live with an absolute clean freak
  5. Don’t bother and just call Mr Bond Cleaning at the end of your tenancy

End of tenancy cleaning requires quite a bit of muscle work and stamina, which is why you should never hire little old ladies to do your end of lease cleaning!