At the end of a rental property tenancy the most important thing any tenant wants is to get their bond back. Most people need the bond money to use as a bond for their next property. Getting your bond back from the real estate agent is easy as long as you have met all the conditions of your rental agreement, including the end of lease bond cleaning.

Making sure the place is clean and tidy with no marks on walls, a clean oven and rangehood and all cobwebs removed is a good start. Hiring a bond cleaning service that specialises in end of lease cleaning might cost you a little money.  But rather than risk cleaning the place yourself and doing a poor job, a professional bond cleaning service will ensure your property is cleaned properly and your carpets professionally steam cleaned.

Mr Bond Cleaning – end of lease cleaning Melbourne provide all customers will a bond cleaning guarantee, meaning as long as the place is in good condition to begin with, our cleaners will do everything right so that your agent returns your bond. If for whatever reason something gets missed or a fussy agent picks on something trivial, we’ll send the cleaner back to fix it up, at no additional cost to you.

Typical vacate cleaning requires you to vacuum carpets, mop floors, clean and wipe down inside cupboards and drawers. You will be required to ensure the bathroom, showers and toilets are cleaned and disinfected and all mould removal taken care of. Oven cleaning is a must as rental agents always check the oven and rangehood for grease build up. Cobweb removal, dusting skirting boards and window sills as well as all light and power fittings needs to be done too.

Finally, once the place is spotless the carpet steam cleaning needs to be done by a qualified and professional carpet cleaner. Make sure you get a recipt of them to give to your agent as proof that they were professionally steam cleaned. Sometimes agents doubt that the steam cleaning method used was below the standard they normally expect. Obtaining a receipt from the carpet cleaning company is just a way for you to prove to them they were cleaned properly.

If there are stains on the carpet that normal steam cleaning cannot remove you will need a carpet stain removal treatment applied. This may cost you extra but ultimately it will be worthwhile as stains on carpets are the biggest reasons real estate rental agents withhold bonds.

If you want every chance of getting your bond back then call Mr Bond Cleaning Melbourne

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The real key to getting your bond deposit back is having the right cleaning team do the job. Anything less will only cost you money as some cleaning services rush through the task cutting corners to reduce the time they spend at the property. Mr Bond Cleaning staff take their time making sure every bit of dirt and dust is cleaned and your house looks like it’s brand new. All your rental agent or landlord wants is to be able to easily rent out the house or apartment to new tenants without spending any more money on it.